Hoochie Coochie produces one night fantastical experiences, which are all about dressing up, having fun, and being entertained all in one magical evening. These take place in unique and stunning performance venues such as big tops, museums, listed former cinemas and one hundred year old wood and glass pavilions, in Hoochie  hometown of Bristol.

There is always a spectacular stage show which features high octane circus and bizarre cabaret acts. Through out the evening surreal and beautiful installations accompany our resident DJ’s to create a spectacular immersive party environment. Installations might include a pole dancing unicorn, mini bike dancers, gogo dancing sperm, the enchanting “squares” and a miniature fetish queen.

Hoochie Coochie is one of the countries most renowned and long running dress up/performance/party events. It is curated and art directed by international circus show woman turned arts producer Keda Breeze. Keda has been creating performance events in Bristol in 2004.

People travel from across the Uk and sometimes even Europe to go to Hoochie Coochie and tickets are in high demand. Early booking is always recommended. Find ticket links on the individual event posts

Dress Code
Dressing up isn’t compulsory at Hoochie Coochie, but if you don’t, you’ll probably really wish you did. One of the best things about Hoochie is its carnival atmosphere; with everyone in flamboyant costume the audience become as much part of the show as performers.

Summer Tour
In summer months you can catch the Hoochie troupe on tour at festivals such as Bestival, The Big Chill and Boomtown Fair.

Freelance Production
The team behind Hoochie Coochie regularly create entertainment for parties and events. If you would like to talk to Hoochie Coochie about them creating something for you please contact info@hoochiecoochiekabret.com to discuss your ideas

Please not that while some seating is normally available at Hoochie Coochie is normally a promenade show rather than a sit down event.

Under 18′s are sometimes welcome depending on venues licensing restrictions.


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  • “Hoochie Coochie is the best cabaret-variety show I have seen outside of London. Line-ups are always exquisite, talented and surprising. It is a show I urge all of my friends to see if they are ever in the area.”

    Beatrix Von Bourbon
  • “It was kicking in there!”